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As you plan for your annual family portraits this Fall, it’s good to know what type of session will work best for your family. Do you like a longer session that is created just for you at a dream-location or would you like to know where and when to show up for a short-but-sweet family session? Below is a little information about the type of family photography sessions offered at Twirl Photography so you can pick just the right one for you!

On-location full family session:

Finding the right location and time for your family photos is of utmost importance for these sessions! They are upbeat and fun, with an emphasis on candid and genuine moments as you play with your little ones, dance in a field, swing on a tree and cuddle as the sun sets in that stunning location of your choice. Sessions last about 40-50 minutes and are catered just for your family to avoid nap times, busy work schedules and capture the gorgeous morning or afternoon light.


Lifestyle Home Session:

Home sessions are perfect to capture your child in their element. We plan the session with their interests in mind. Think about jumping on the bed, sidewalk chalk, swimming, playing tea party with a sibling, or doing whatever your child does, right at home. These are full family sessions lasting 40-50 minutes at a time of day that works best for happy kids. This is a wonderful way to document the love and warm environment of their childhood.

Special Curated Location Events (mini-session):

Twirl Photography offers a limited amount of special location events a year and if you can grab a spot it might be the perfect way to document your family. These 15-20 minute sessions are at curated locations around New Orleans such as the Pitot House, a private French Quarter garden, or the lush gardens of Longue Vue. Often these locations don’t allow professional portraits without a permit fee which, thanks to Twirl Photography, has been waved for you. These sessions can be perfect for the mom who wants a experience. We are usually done before kids notice they are tired and you don’t have to worry about the where or when, just sign up. Tip: Don’t be afraid to try a location for a second time, there are always new places to explore.
Look below for this Fall’s special event sign-ups.

Pitot House Family Portraits

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