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As a mom, I feel tired and cranky more than I feel patient and caring. The days are a whirlwind of lost water bottles, field trip sign-up slips, last-minute homework, missing shoes and driving around. So much driving around.

Yet the years fly by. Another school year’s checked off. I’m scrambling for what to do this summer with two active kids. I miss my little girl but love the little lady she’s becoming. I miss my baby but marvel at the charming little boy he’s becoming. Through all the ups and downs, I watch my clients manage the same terrain with grace.

If I can give all the moms I’ve had the honor of photographing a Mother’s Day gift, it’s this: You are indeed the best mom I know!

You have comforted the sufferers of skinned knees, hugged the sibling injustices away and used bribes like a seasoned negotiator. In hopes of getting just one truly good photo of yourself with your kids, you’ve trusted me to find those sweet moments that you’ll cherish for years.

To top it off, you have coordinated outfits, rallied husbands, brought snacks and made it to your session on time, if not early. Custom photography can feel like a big undertaking. I know it’s stressful getting everyone ready and hoping your kids behave. One of the most important parts of my job is to relieve some of that stress, by letting your kids misbehave a little. It’s the moments in between the chaos that I’m studying. And that’s the beauty of photography—capturing the messiness of life as a perfect archive for your family. Because messy or not, you’ll never get those moments again.

To each of the moms who worked hard at your photo shoot, playing with your kids and keeping them engaged, I thank you. Your kids will never forget these childhood moments, which you curated for them. One of the best parts of my job is hearing afterward how much you love your photos.

Take a look at these gorgeous moms below. All of you are my inspiration as I, too, try to navigate the busy days of motherhood with humor and love. Your love for your kids is undeniable. I hope you look at the pictures of your kids through the years and remind yourself, “Yeah, I’m a pretty good mom!”


AND THE WINNER IS… Crissy Long! Thank you to everyone who participated, I wish I could I give each of you each a session! And I loved reading the short statements about your family, it really is so rewarding to hear the love each of us have for our family and how important capturing this moment in your life can be. I wanted to anonymously share just a few of the lovely sentiments written in the entries:

-Life is amazing and we just want to cherish and capture all the stages of our family’s growth.

-I am the mother of two amazing little girls and they are my everything 🙂

-While I joke about being out numbered, all three of my guys shower me with love and grace each day.

-Our household is NEVER boring. (And never quiet.)

-We have never had professional family photos taken before because of our busy schedules but we are hoping to do so for the first time sometime soon!

-I have an amazing daughter who is my ultimate best friend.

-He has taught me that beauty is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes to it.

-We’re seven years into being parents and we’re still learning how to juggle.:)

-Party of five…put together on the outside but totally nuts in the inside

-Our 2 legged babies have been partially raised by our 14 year old 4 legged daughter.

Thank you to all participants, I hope to be photographing your family around New Orleans soon! – Jennifer

This Mother’s Day Twirl Photography is giving away to one lucky mom a Family Session and 8×10 gift print of your choice. To get you feeling your best before the session, I’m adding a $100 gift card to Peony Nola, so you and your children will look amazing for those heirloom photos. Peony is filled with the most delicate and gorgeous frocks for kids and moms and well worth a visit any time of year!

Follow the link below to enter—one entry per family. Or feel free to nominate a mom you know who loves custom family photography. I will randomly pick a winner on Friday, May 10th.

To enter the Twirl Photography Mother’s Day giveaway go to:

Here are a few of the details!

Family Session Giveaway:

-Gift Certificate for up to a one-hour family session with Twirl Photography in the location of your choice ($200 value)
-One 8×10 print of your choice ($55 value)
-$100 gift card to Peony NOLA, a children and women’s boutique on Magazine Street
All other prints, albums, digital images and keepsakes are sold separately at your ordering session.

Fine Print:
All entries must be received by 10 a.m. on Friday, May 10th, 2019.
-Gift Certificates are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
-Session will be held within the Greater New Orleans area.
-Your Twirl Photography Gift Certificate is good for six months after the issue date.

Winner will be announced on social media on Friday, May 10th

Feel free to contact Jennifer for more details and pricing information. I hope to see your family soon!

Please go vote for Twirl Photography as Best Family Photographer in Nola Family Magazine’s annual Family Favorites 2019. You can vote for all of your favorites at:



Take a quick peek back at your photos from the past year and tell me what you see. Most likely, there are tons of pictures of your kids on various adventures, probably a good number of them co-starring your partner, and less than a handful of you with them. If, like many moms, you are the unofficial family photographer — whether by choice or by default — it’s time to relinquish that title this year.

What’s your excuse? I know, I have them too: I look tired, I’m not my ideal size, I need to get my hair done,, and on and on..

But the truth of the matter is, we want — and need — to be in pictures with our kids because these are images our children will look back at in the future, and we want them to remember that Mom was there with them. From a moving first person essay by Allison Tate she says,  “When we take pictures with our children, we are asserting ourselves as important and valuable, and our children are watching us.” You are important and your family doesn’t need you to look perfect. You are perfect just as you are.

Mother’s Day is almost here!  And instead of trying to get your kids to sit still and smile, it’s your turn to jump in front of the camera with them. The most cherished family photos passed down are going to be the ones with you in it!

Take this moment to sign up for a truly memorable, candid and organic Mom & Me session. Two locations and dates are available this May. Sunday, May 5th at Longue Vue House and Gardens and Friday, May 10th at the Pitot House. This is by appointment only so grab your spot for either event below. There are only a few spots left!

Gift certificates are also available for future sessions (good for one year) and make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

For more information, please contact me today at


Hannah & Charlie were married on March 23rd, with a ceremony and reception at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in New Orleans, La.

One of the things that impressed me the most about this wedding was the way that Hannah and Charlie made everyone at the wedding feel loved and appreciated while maintaining a laid-back, no-drama approach to their celebrations. Right at the start of the day, as I photographed Hannah getting ready at her parent’s home, I could see how much family and friends meant as she listened to stories from best friends and her sister while on the back porch in matching pajamas. The mother-of-the-bride gave a moving speech about what her family means to her and then put away a few stray dishes before heading out with her family to the ceremony. There’s nothing better than getting ready for the next part of your life in the home you grew up in.

I was incredibly touched by the raw emotion that Hannah and Charlie allowed themselves to show. Friends continued to be a constant in the day with the flowers created by a good friend, a signature drink handed out by friends and another good friend providing music at the start of the ceremony. Charlie even came ready to make a martini for his new bride moments after they said I do.

New Orleans Botanical Garden Wedding Photography

Of course, I couldn’t talk about this wedding without mentioning the stunning venue. The ceremony was held in the gardens in front of the gorgeous flute fountain, so we were positively surrounded by beauty. The New Orleans Botanical Gardens is filled with natural splendor. The couple did there first look and wedding party portraits surrounded by the glorious blooms of the rose garden. Roses, lavender, irises, and dahlias, the garden was a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony and cocktail hour before moving inside. The Botanical Gardens is such a unique venue for a wedding with thousands of different species of plants, trees and flowers, the garden is a wonderful choice for wedding photography.

From there, we went inside the Pavilion of the Two Sisters to the most gorgeous tables covered in hand painted table cloths, elegant cheese and fruit displays and a vegetable table that brought the wild gardens inside. Hot beignets made there way around the dancing room and a boutique coffee table was nestled in the corner. The star of the evening was Big Sam’s Funky Nation who kept the crowd dancing and cheering throughout the evening and even let the groom take a turn as their bassist. It was wonderful to see the smiles on Hannah and Charlie’s faces. Their joy was truly infectious.

Thank you, Hannah and Charlie, for helping everyone remember that friends and family are truly the most important. It was an honor to be your wedding photographer.


Dancing the night away at the 5th annual prom for kids and teenagers with special needs and disabilities.

Some assignments are good for my soul- the 5th annual Heart & Sole prom presented by the Therapeutic Learning Center and Magnolia Community Services was one of those assignments.

Guests arrived with corsages in hand and their prom dates beaming to the evening event held at Whitehall Plantation in Jefferson. Prom is a milestone for all of us, but often a difficult one for kids with special needs or disabilities. The Heart & Sole Prom bridges those difficulties with family and friends close-at-hand, often as dates, to help create an all inclusive event. Strobe lights were not used to help kids who were sensitive to stimulation as well as noise cancelling headphones used when needed. Certain rooms were also created as quieter spaces for anyone feeling overwhelmed.

Starting the day off, I photographed the prom for younger kids ages 6-12. The late afternoon event was filled with heartwarming slow dances with mom or dad, races in the azalea-filled surrounding lawn, and many candy packed tables. As the little guests ended their dance, the line began to quickly grow for the evening prom for guests 13 and up.

Nerves were apparent as guests awaited their date and high-fives were aplenty as friends were found. The music never stopped and the dance floor was packed the whole night. A team from the Therapeutic Learning Center, a progressive, pediatric-based clinic to benefit all children’s growth and development, and the Magnolia Community Services, danced with the guests, welcomed them on the red carpet with cheers and applause and joined in at the photo booth. A good time was had by all! Make sure to check out the videos below for more photos.


Is Mardi Gras great for kids? You bet.

If there is any doubt that Mardi Gras in New Orleans is really for children and families, I give you Penny & Lawson’s annual birthday party at their Uptown home set on the Thoth parade route. The street in front of their home is closed off for the line-up and eventual parade of the Sunday morning Thoth Krewe. The city of New Orleans throws one big block party during the weekends leading up to Mardi Gras and Thoth is one of the best for small kids, neighbor gatherings and visiting family. Kids of all ages are winding in and out of the street catching footballs, ladders line the sidewalks and almost every home is open to neighbors and friends. This year was no different for Penny & Lawson’s annual combined birthday party with an elegant and festive dessert table including their signature cookies, king cake donuts, and a gorgeous cake. The hugs and giggles escaping Penny and Lawson as each new friend or cousin arrive to wish them Happy Birthday is a joy to watch! What a great way to celebrate your birthday, with a parade of brightly colored floats and an abundance of moon pies, beads and toys thrown as they pass. Till next year!


There is nothing sweeter than these three little girls who just turned 2! I’ve had the honor of photographing them since they were newborns, and each photo session I get a little glimpse into the inner workings of this amazing family. Six kids, two sets of triplets, the Garretts are a family full of joy, laughter, and sometimes a few tears (mostly by the toddlers in the family). Our latest adventure included balloons, the cutest pink dresses, marching around their Uptown neighborhood and parading like a true New Orleanian. A few popped balloons didn’t damper their spirits for more playtime in the backyard. Not only is it rewarding to capture these special memories of how the kids change and grow, but to capture their relationships with their parents and older siblings is so important. With lots of play and silliness, I was able to photograph wonderful candid portraits that will hopefully be cherished for years to come.


New Orleans newborn photography

Babies change so much in the first year, but nothing will ever compare to the way they look when they are born. Those first few days and weeks with your new baby will be one of the most cherished times in parenthood and newborn sessions are a great way to look back at this fleeting time.  Thanks to the talented photographer Anne Geddes we now have a new genre of portrait photography called Newborn Photography and I can’t be more excited to be part of this growing tradition.

New Orleans Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions are in the comfort of your home in the days following the birth and hospital stay. Beautiful light and moments are what I am looking for most, so please don’t worry about having the perfect nursery set up, a spotless house or that designer home. For goodness sake, you just gave birth! I understand. 

New Orleans newborn photography

There will be plenty of time to feed, sooth and rock your little one. Babies can be restless one moment and then sleeping like a baby the next. Often when you think this is an impossible task patience is all you need. It’s important to give yourself that time to relax and wait, I will be leading you and your hubby to the right spot for lighting and angle for a gorgeous first family portrait. I purposely schedule in more time for a newborn session so we can gently coax your bundle into the perfect mood and position. 

While you are awaiting your new baby make sure to reach out at least a month before the due date to get on my schedule. We can adjust as needed if baby decides to arrive early or late. Don’t worry about blankets, diaper covers or hats, I will bring over my favorite props if we need something but there is nothing better than skin on skin at this age. A soft neutral blouse for mom showing your décolletage is timeless and flattering. Plus, we might turn the heat up a little so little baby is nice and comfortable in his birthday suit and diaper cover.

I know it seems stressful to allow a photographer into you home a few days after such an extraordinary experience which is why I will be talking to you about what you are looking for and what to expect when you schedule your session. And perhaps adding a maternity session to celebrate this unique time in your life. This should be a fun and moving photo session to capture the luminous love you are feeling with your new bundle of joy. 
I hope to hear about your new adventure in parenting soon! Contact me to schedule a newborn session at: EMAIL JENNIFER

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