Penny & Lawson 9 & 11 | New Orleans Family Photographer

Is Mardi Gras great for kids? You bet.

If there is any doubt that Mardi Gras in New Orleans is really for children and families, I give you Penny & Lawson’s annual birthday party at their Uptown home set on the Thoth parade route. The street in front of their home is closed off for the line-up and eventual parade of the Sunday morning Thoth Krewe. The city of New Orleans throws one big block party during the weekends leading up to Mardi Gras and Thoth is one of the best for small kids, neighbor gatherings and visiting family. Kids of all ages are winding in and out of the street catching footballs, ladders line the sidewalks and almost every home is open to neighbors and friends. This year was no different for Penny & Lawson’s annual combined birthday party with an elegant and festive dessert table including their signature cookies, king cake donuts, and a gorgeous cake. The hugs and giggles escaping Penny and Lawson as each new friend or cousin arrive to wish them Happy Birthday is a joy to watch! What a great way to celebrate your birthday, with a parade of brightly colored floats and an abundance of moon pies, beads and toys thrown as they pass. Till next year!

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