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May you be brave and bold…

May is for celebrating mothers and daughters at Twirl Photography.

And you can make this May unforgettable. Get an heirloom portrait of your daughter, with a handwritten letter from you sealed on the back.

As a mother to a 10-year-old girl, I always have a running list of hopes and dreams for her future, but I mostly want to hold on to the here and now. Be the keeper of your child’s childhood. Embrace this moment of who they are and share your wisdom as they grow into the women they will be.

In honor of extraordinary women and girls everywhere,

Twirl Photography is offering these Dreams For My Daughter Sessions throughout the month of May, including:

  • A torn-edge 7×7 watercolor print of your daughter framed 14×14.

  • A special note from you for her to read years from now.

  • A small printed photograph of you and your daughter at this moment in your lives.

Dreams for My Daughter also comes with a special price —

$395 for both the photo session and framed print (valued at $725 without the special.)

I’ll kick off the Daughter Sessions at Old Spanish Fort near the lakefront on Sunday, May 6, timed to capture the gorgeous morning sunlight. You can also schedule a Daughter appointment at a time and location that works for your family.

Please contact me for more information, I would love to hear about your daughter!

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Zdon, 504-388-8739, mail@twirlphotography.com

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