Best New Orleans Locations for Family Photos

Are you wondering where to take Fall family photos this year? Maybe something a little different and off the beaten path. Or maybe an iconic location with a new twist. Well, I have some great suggestions that might take some of the guess work out and make choosing your location easier. Finding the perfect spot that fits your brood can be tricky. For example, if you have active kids you need a safe wide space where passing cars won’t be an issue. If you have a child who doesn’t walk yet, being able to put them down safely is essential. And older kids can rock the urban scene.
I’m here to help you find the right place for your family.
And you want to know what my absolute favorite location in New Orleans is to photograph families?  Check out #10.

Top locations:

 1. Old Spanish Fort. This historic location was formerly the home of a fort and
then later an amusement park. Today, it is a quiet little forgotten part of the city with
large oak trees, a porch swing, and a view from the levee where Bayou St. John meets the lake.

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New Orleans family photography

        2. The French Quarter. There is nothing that says New Orleans culture more than
having the French Quarter as your backdrop. The Vieux Carré is filled with culture
and vibrant colors that compliment the architecture and historic city landscape.

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 3. City Park. This 1,300-acre urban park is one of the oldest parks in the country.
The beauty speaks for itself. There are beautiful old oak trees,
as well as vast green space and small bodies of water. Permit required.
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  4. Botanical Gardens. This area is located in City Park and has twelve acres
of garden with more than 2,000 types of plants from around the world.
This has been a staple of New Orleans since the 1930’s.
There are so many different areas of the gardens to explore and appreciate. Permit required.
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5. The Tree of Life at Audubon Park. One of the larges Oaks in the city, this tree is perfect for
letting your little ones climb. Nestled in a field opposite the giraffes in Audubon Zoo,
you can sometimes glance pointy ears over the fence.
During the fall, the mystical tree’s leaves turn and drop, adding to its beauty.
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6. Longue Vue House and Gardens. This is a beautiful historic estate
located at the edge of Old Metairie, right outside of Mid City.
This house sits on 8-acres of beautiful gardens brimming with
Louisiana plant life. This house is dedicated to the preservation of
historical architecture, interior design, and landscapes. Permit required.
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7. Lower Garden District. This neighborhood is often overlooked for family photos
and has some of the best backdrops. The unique architecture spreads across
beautiful tree lined streets that capture the spirit of New Orleans.
Cornstalk fences, weathered walls and those Commander’s Palace awnings are just a few favorites.
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8. Crescent Park. This is a 20-acre urban park that stretches along the
riverfront in the Bywater neighborhood. There are breathtaking views of the
city and plenty of space to chase your little ones around. The foliage lined bike path is
complimented by the clean, urban and modern architecture.
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9. Bayou St. John. The bayou is located in the Bayou St. John neighborhood.
It is a serene, calm body of water that offers green space with the houses in the neighbor hood
as the backdrop. And the Magnolia bridge is the perfect place to stop for portraits.
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New Orleans Baby Photography
10. In your own home. There is no place like home. Being able to
photograph children in the house that they are growing up is priceless. It offers
a comfortable and intimate space for the entire family.
Some of the greatest memories happen naturally within our homes!
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