When you work with me, Jennifer Zdon, for your family photos, you’re getting a lifelong, professional in my field (not just a photography enthusiast) dedicated to providing families with meaningful portraits of the most special time in their lives - becoming parents and being part of a family.


That's me holding the Oscar. As much I would like to say you will be hiring an Academy Award Winner for Best Cinematography, unfortunately, it was only on loan. And yes, it really is heavy!


What I do want you to know about me is that I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years. Almost every day of my adult life I have created a picture. Seriously. It's been an incredible profession and life!


The first half of my career, I was a photojournalist at The New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper where I was part of the staff that received the Pulitzer for public service recognizing coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.


In 2010 I left journalism to start my own photography studio, Twirl Photography. And it's been a joy photographing families for over 13 years. I still photograph many of the kids, and their families, that started with me as newborns over a decade ago (gasp!).


I have also been honored to be named one of the Best New Orleans Photographers in Nola Family Favorites for over 9 years and counting.




During my time at the New Orleans Times-Picayune, I developed a love for emotional and raw photography. I bring this “in the moment” photography style to my portrait sessions to capture every candid, genuine, and natural moment with your family.



New Orleans Expert

A transplant to New Orleans over 20 years ago, I have made it my home and I am raising two natives. My knowledge of the area means we’ll have wonderful locations for your photo session, from beautiful historic homes and neighborhoods to the lush textures of the city's parks. I love exploring all the treasures in our own backyard.




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As a mother, I understand the love and joy you feel for your children. I also know that sometimes our little ones can be a handful. I’m here to guide you through the process, create a comfortable environment for your kids, and showcase your family as you are, right now.




My passion for vibrant images celebrating childhood, family life and love were the foundation in creating Twirl Photography 13 years ago in New Orleans. I make sure the personalities of my subjects shine and that clients can enjoy cherished moments knowing a trained observer is there to capture them. This often means your session is stress-free and enjoyable. And in the end you enjoy these moments as an heirloom to be passed down for generations.



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For the past 11 years I have spent everyday in July photographing my children. I first started with my daughter who was four at the time. And then came along a little brother. This is a labor of love so my children will have a reminder of the whimsical childhood they have growing up in New Orleans and way for me to hold onto just a little bit of their youthful magic.



New Orleans Family Photographer