We begin with the end in mind.

There is little value in your portraiture investment unless you have something tangible at its conclusion to enjoy. A printed piece that lives permanently in your home will be cherished for generations to come. Plus, university research has proven that printed art of your family members provides 65% more emotional connection to your loved ones than swiping through electronic images on a device. Research has also proven that images visible and on display for your children to see, improves their sense of belonging, raises self-esteem, and instills security in their family unit.


Twirl’s mission is to help you create something not only tangible for your home, but also deeply moving for you and for your children to love and adore as the years pass. There’s a reason you chose to invest in professional portraiture. We plan to ensure that reason resonates in your heart each and every day, and that your printed portrait art does nothing but grow in sentimental value as your children grow, and as time rapidly rushes by.

Print and Digital collections

Most of our clients choose one of the print and digital collections which include either 5, 15 or all the digital images with a selection of archival prints 8x10 or smaller. Packages begin at $975 and come with a print release.



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Art Products

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The MasterpiecE

Make a statement with a magnificent metal portrait in a 40x60 float frame. This glossy surface, vibrant display is perfect for a candid landscape portait that is sure to grab attention and be priceless artwork in your home for years to come!


40x60 float-frame with a metal-finished print


Pro Tip- Is it too big or too small?


Knowing what will fit in the space you are planning for is key to creating an art series that shines.


1. Choose the right images for the size you are printing. Big prints look better with full body images. Small prints look better closer in.


2. Measure your space. You’d be surprised how big you can go.


3. Let us help you with our design software. If you photograph your wall, we can show you images on YOUR walls in the right sizes.

The big picture canvas

A gorgeous 20x30 framed canvas that is ready to hang for maximum impact. Several float-frames available to choose from including metals, brushed wood and classic black or white painted wood.


20x30 float-framed canvas


Pro Tip- Orientation:

Galleries can be hung either vertically or horizontally. You can even mix and match for the best fit!


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The Family Gathering

Start your gallery wall!


Pro Tip- Four Steps for Choosing Wall Gallery Images

1. Choose images that are color coordinated.

2. Choose colors that match the space where you will

display them.

3. Create a focal point that leads the eye with either one

larger image or with a family portrait in the middle.

4. Balance. A balanced gallery lets the eye move in a

specific direction giving context and visual appeal.

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The heirloom framed print

A perfect way to start that photo gallery on your wall. This 8x12 or 11x14 framed archival print comes either matted or full frame with 12 frame options.


8x12 or 11x14 archival portrait printed and

framed with or without a mat.


Pro- tip: Build it over time

This framed art work can be added to each time you do a session, building the story of your family as you grow.

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new orleans child photographer 76

The Torn-Edge Print Framed

A stunning watercolor print with hand-torn edges and your favorite image delicately placed in a shadow frame with an archival white mat. Your choice of white, black or grey finish on frame options.


7x7 hand-torn edge watercolor print in a

14x14 frame.


Pro-tip: Create a set

Sets of two or three framed images of the same size are perfect for hallways, over the bed, entryways and smaller nooks.

new orleans child photographer 77

The Petite Canvas

The Petite Canvas is proof that sometimes the best things come in small packages. This 6x6 framed canvas is perfect for your bedside table, that narrow bit of wall space in your hallway or even as a table centerpiece. Float-frames available in several different styles.


6x6 float-framed canvas.


Pro-tip: Heirlooms

Your session images will most likely become the most coveted art in your home! Even the smallest pieces can bring you big smiles when you see it first thing every morning.

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The Session Album

The Session album holds 20 images in a stunning 10 x 10 wide-format layout. Full bleed images are printed on archival thick, board-pages. It holds 20 images form your session - one per page - and includes your choice of custom cameo cover. Families may choose to upgrade to add on additional pages/images.


Pro- Tip:

The Session album offer dozens of cover options combined with window openings for a custom look.

1. Gray Neutral Linens

2. Worn & Rich Leathers

3. Pastel & Airy Leathers

4. Cream & Brown Linens

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The Brag Book

Our basic book offers families the chance to showcase multiple images from their session in a smaller presentation at a more affordable price. The Brag book offers 12 bordered images inside an 3x7 accordian book. This is a perfect gift for grandparents who love to brag about their favorite grandchildren.


The Negatives

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Why invest in images you won’t ever print?


Digital images are very fragile and won’t last. It’s as simple as that. While all of our clients want and go home with electronic negatives from their session, it’s critical to remember they are not a permanent way to archive your memories. Even if you back them up multiple times, it does not guarantee they will survive.


Purchasing the negatives allows you to print your files limitlessly for personal use. However, most people do not. Busy lives, procrastination and a hectic schedule prevents families from doing what they originally had good intentions for.


So while we gladly offer digital negatives, we encourage you to allow us to print your heirloom art pieces. After all, why invest in professional portraiture if your images will simply sit indefinitely on a USB drive buried in a drawer? Print. It’s worth it.


All digital files are offered for purchase when you invest in a package that comes with prints.


Select 5, 15, or All digital images for your archive.

all digital images

All your edited digital images sized to high resolution. Jpeg format images that are printable up to 16x20. Includes a complimentary proof box with 4x6 proofs & flash drive.


Digital images are available in sets of 5 or 15 in high resolution with a print release up to 16x20. Download delivery.

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