The Story of a Print | New Orleans Family Photography

This is a story of a mistake that I’m glad I made. Last month I took a picture of my daughter that I knew I wanted to get printed and put up on my studio wall so I could enjoy it everyday. I ordered a beautiful 8×10 print and bought a nice frame. It came in, I framed it and…. it just didn’t wow me. I would have to go up close to the image to see any details, it didn’t have the impact I was expecting. So I reordered it as a 16×24 and from the moment I opened the box I was enchanted. I bought a bigger frame, had a matt made, and added a little gold paint. It’s the bright spot in my studio and I love it!!!!!!!! The smaller one is now going to make a great grandparent gift. I can’t stop looking at this gorgeous print gracing my walls. I’ve been urging my clients to buy bigger prints and now I totally get it, there is nothing better than having a piece of art work of your child.

There was a great Simpson episode a few years ago where Homer goes to his dark cave-like office at his not so great job, swivels in his chair and stares up at a wall of pictures. Photos of his family on vacation, playing, and laughing. We should all have this wall! I’ve been enjoying these smaller prints on a handy picture hanger for awhile now, I smile every time I walk by.

Order gorgeous prints of your family and surround yourself with happiness. And don’t be afraid to go big!

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