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Twirl Photography’s Look Back at the Best Moments of 2018

All we really have is each other. As I look back at my photography over 2018, that sentiment keeps coming back to me. The following moments of some of my favorite New Orleans families have an authentic human connection and emotion to them that speaks to the artistry of photography and why I do what I do. It’s my hope to capture honest and timeless images that will not only be a lasting memory to the families I photograph but a powerful reminder to all parents that the magic of childhood is fleeting and priceless.

This past year was filled with an anxiousness that’s hard to avoid. We’re all in a hurry. My goal for 2019 is to slow down and take time to enjoy my children while they are, well, children.

As they quickly grow, I will know I’ve been there from the needy days all the way until they look back less and less to take my hand.

I hope you, too, enjoy some of my favorite pictures of 2018 and feel some of the joy, security and love that each parent brings to their child’s world. I’ve been so deeply honored to witness growing families, first steps, sprouting teeth, grandparent visits, sibling rivalries, dad bear hugs and mom embraces for a whirlwind of a year.

I’ve photographed families in bayous, cathedrals, carousels and the streets of the French Quarter. There have been rainy delays, sick kids, work conflicts and last minute scraped knees. Yet through it all, families showed up and were present for their kids, ready to chase and cuddle-with the outside world shut off for just a little while. Thank you to each family that trusted me to be their archivist. It’s my hope to photograph not what you look like as a family, but what it feels like to be part of your family.

And even though there might have been a few tears and tantrums, I can tell your family is amazing! After all, all we really have is each other.

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What could be more romantic than walking the quiet streets of the French Quarter on a Sunday morning hand-in-hand with the one you love? Hannah & Charlie have an ease about them that has clearly been cultivated during the years of their courtship. Meeting and first dating in high school, the New Orleans couple have been to different colleges, cities and jobs but always came back to each other and are now building a life together here. They will be saying I do at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in March and I’m thrilled to be their wedding photographer. Thank you for sharing your love and story Hannah and Charlie!

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography

New Orleans Engagement Photography


Why Invest in Professional Photography Every Year for your Family?

Remember that pouty look your oldest used to give you when she didn’t get her way?

Today, it’s the “my brother is so annoying” look and next year it will be the “I’m too cool for this” look.

Change is a constant in parenthood, sometimes for the better and sometimes it breaks your heart to see those chubby cheeks go. I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing some of my favorite New Orleans families for years. I love seeing how babbling babies turn into goofy toddlers and then into inquisitive kids. Looking back and sharing photos as families grow and evolve is a delight.

You will never regret documenting your children, but just in case you need a little more incentive, here are some reasons why it’s an investment that gets more valuable each year.

Sophie, Sam and then came Celia….

Coralie & Millie

Create Memories

Getting together for a wonderful time at City Park or the French Quarter creates a family memory. Add in a little Dad chasing and Mom cuddles, and your kids are having a fun time being in the moment. My job is to make that moment last a lifetime.  Professional portraits celebrate who your family is today.  So often photos hearten us both emotionally and spiritually while reaffirming family bonds. Families grow and change for reasons such as marriage, birth, loved ones passing away, and others moving far away. Yearly photos capture these changes, creating a timeline of milestone events.


You’re Not Just Taking Them for Yourself, But for Future Generations

New Orleans Family Photographer

During the holidays, the old photo albums come out and memories flood the room as relatives recount stories from their younger years. While at the time, you might not care about photos of you, your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be overjoyed that they have pictures of you to remember you by.


Document Growth

New Orleans Family Photography

Your children are changing fast. They can change so much in just a few months. Documenting your family every year or even every few years can help show just how much you all are changing. Whether you’re adding new family members, loosing teeth, getting braces and so much more, this can be captured in a beautiful professional way.

Wall Art Featuring Those you Love Most

Celebrating your family dynamic on your walls can make those not-so-easy parenting days a little bit easier. Looking at a gorgeous portrait of you all laughing in each other’s arms is heartwarming.  And studies have shown that children who grow up in a home filled with portraits of themselves and their family grow up more confident and with a bigger sense of security. There is nothing more valuable then professional fine-art portraits of your family.

High Quality Photos to Last a Lifetime

New Orleans Family Photographer

Selfies happen daily, and we think we’re doing a great job documenting our lives, but in 5 years you won’t know where those photos are.  With the beautiful art products I offer, I can assure you that your portraits will last a lifetime.

Let’s get together this Fall to make amazing portraits of your family!

Jennifer Zdon 504-388-8739


With the days getting shorter and pumpkin patches arriving, it finally feels like Fall is upon us.

This is one of my favorite times to take pictures of my own family and yours. Here is the latest Twirl Photography news for this month!




There are only 12 Saturdays left to Christmas.
If you’re interested in doing a session this Fall I encourage you to get in touch soon so you can book a date that works best for your family.

Contact me today to schedule a custom Fall session, which includes one digital image of your choice with your session fee of $250.

That’s one big checkmark next to the holiday card on your to-do list!


Email Jennifer at:







Upcoming October Events with Twirl Photography


Pitot House Family Portraits


The Pitot House
Short-and-sweet sessions at the Pitot House. This historic Bayou St. John home has deep green shutters, wrap-around porches and a lush front garden perfect for butterfly chasing. Not too mention that picturesque wood fence. 20-minute session by appointment only.
Event Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 17th and Thursday, Oct. 18th

Reserve your spot at:







The Beauregard-Keyes House
Short-and-sweet sessions. Nestled in the French Quarter, these early morning sessions offer a gorgeous private garden with a backdrop that rivals the best vistas in Paris.  20-minute session by appointment only. ONE SPOT LEFT.
Event date: Saturday, Oct. 6th 


Reserve your spot:







Don’t forget to capture your little ones in their Halloween costumes. They will love looking back at these images as a reminder of wonderful childhood memories.

Or bring their costumes to your family sessions and we’ll take a few minutes at the end to be princesses and pirates!



Dear Sophie & Celia,


Sophie, you are my first born beauty. You are my little creative spirit. Your spunk is enviable. Your smarts inspire me.  The excitement you exude when you take on new challenges amazes me. I have always admired your “half glass full” outlook on things. Please don’t ever lose it. I love our before bedtime talks…one of my favorite parts of my day. You are growing into quite a phenomenal girl.

Celia, you are my little peanut girl. You are my gorgeous little sprite. The baby of the family who fits perfectly into our krewe. Your giggle is infectious and your smile melts me. Your memory astounds me. Your highly keen sense of observation blows me away. Your kisses and hugs make me feel so happy and so loved. You are growing into quite a phenomenal girl.

There are many things that I hope for you both. I hope you are strong both mentally and physically. I hope you are compassionate. I hope you are empathetic. I hope you are brave. I hope you are kind. I hope you always stand up for yourself. I hope you stand up for others. I hope you are assertive. I hope you take risks. I hope you find joy in your work. I hope your life is balanced. I hope you travel. I hope you take time for yourself every single day. I hope you can manage stress well. I hope you love yoga as much as I do. I hope you don’t take yourself too seriously. I hope you love to learn. I hope you learn something new every day. I hope you adore your friends. I hope your friends adore you. I hope you have the courage to disengage with friends that hurt you. I hope you know when to forgive. I hope you know that most relationships have an expiration date and that that’s okay; those relationships—good or bad– were vital at the time. I hope you have a small handful of lifelong friends. I hope you know we are all flawed. I hope you don’t compare yourselves to others. I hope you know crying does not mean weakness. I hope you know it feels good to cry and that it is the path to cleansing, recovery and healing. I hope you can say you are sorry when you are wrong. I hope you make mistakes. I hope you fail fantastically a handful of times. I hope you pick yourself up from those failures and learn from them. I hope you deal with mistakes and failures in a composed and rational way. I hope you have amazing success. I hope you are happy most of the time. I hope you know we can’t be happy all the time. I hope you know when you are sad you will survive it. I hope you build each other up. I hope family is always important. I hope you fall madly in love with someone deserving of you. I hope you laugh every day. I hope you know you are beautiful. I hope you are always comfortable and confident being you.

Girls, I love you to millions and millions of pieces. Unconditionally. You both will always be my perfect little babies…even when you’re 100.

Love you forever and ever,


Dreams for My Daughter is a special portrait session commissioned by mothers for their daughters. Inspired by their personality, these sessions are designed especially for each girl and celebrates who they are at this moment, their connection to their mom and who they will become. Each framed heirloom of these young women is accompanied by a letter  from Mom expressing their “Dreams for My Daughter.” Thank you to each mom for sharing their letter!


– What to Wear Guide for Fall –

Need a Little Wardrobe Inspiration for Your Fall Photos?

As important as it is to take pictures every year, it can also be stressful. Inevitably a shoe goes missing, a child scrapes their knee, and your youngest gets into the Nutella jar moments before leaving. No doubt you’ll ask yourself, “Why a I doing this?”

I’m here to help. The truth is that it’s worth the hassle. A beautiful family photo will be around much longer than the memory of the struggle. And if you invest a little time into preparation, the results can be stunning.

I am a big fan of families being themselves, especially in a city like New Orleans where being unique is part of the culture. Keep your own family in mind as you look at the inspiration below and find your style.

I hope these tips help create a less stressful lead-up to your family portraits this fall. If you haven’t already reached out, make sure to email me to schedule your fall session!


For the Boys: Boys can be hard to shop for. There’s an endless supply of cargo shorts and printed tees, but finding something timeless for a photograph can be tricky. Thankfully, the cooler weather gives us more options on style. An added sweater, jeans or cords can provide texture. Like dad, polo shirts and dress shirts with rolled up sleeves work well. You can add a jean jacket or light coat for layering. Accessories such as a bowtie, hat or suspenders can also add some flair, if they don’t become too distracting. Some of my favorite stores for boys include Pippen Lane, Zara (coming soon to Lakeside) and for something classic, Banbury Cross.

For the Girls: This one is so fun! A ton of cute outfits are available for girls, both casual and dressy. Staying in the fall color pallet—plums, burnt orange, mustard and creams—can be lovely. Copious amounts of shiny and sparkly clothes are out right now that look great in photographs, so bring on that gold shimmer! For feet, ballet slippers and Mary Janes are timeless, while a pair of classic high top sneakers can be playful. If you have more than one girl, dresses that match or coordinate can be eye-catching. Special tips for girls: Make sure hair is out of eyes, and don’t forget the bloomers or monkey bar shorts! We will be moving and jumping around for the perfect photo, not always sitting in a lady-like position. It’s good to be prepared.

For the Dads: Dads should look put together. This can be either in a casual or dressy way. A sweater or coat in the Fall with a pair of nice jeans or slacks. Men look great in fall colors such as gray, auburns, mustards and plums. Like the boys, a bow tie or hat can be a fun accessory if it fits his style. Stay away from T-shirts. They often look ill-fitting, and logos are distracting. A dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, or a polo shirt, is a solid choice. And don’t forget to wear good shoes. Most importantly, dad needs to be comfortable and ready to chase his kids.

For the Moms: Don’t be an afterthought! Take time to wear something that makes you feel beautiful and feel like the awesome mom you are. Get ready before your kids, if needed, so you don’t run out of time while trying to run out the door. In the fall, scarves and sweaters offer a variety in the images you’ll create. And if your kids spills something on you – we have options. Picking your outfit first can set a great foundation for the color scheme and cohesiveness of your whole family. Go dressy with heels and your favorite dress. Or casual with jeans and high boots. Don’t forget jewelry and lipstick!

For the Babies: Classic rompers with delicate embroidery or a sweet onesie is all you need to celebrate those baby rolls. This is the perfect time to put on that heirloom lace hat. For walking babies and toddlers, white knee-high socks look adorable. Bubble rompers are also the perfect way to celebrate those chubby thighs! One tip, don’t stress over baby shoes. Let those little toes wiggle, as babies will generally be held or sitting. If it’s cooler outside, soft baby booties can be fetching.

Don’t match, coordinate! Cohesiveness of clothing is the goal. Start with one outfit and build out from there. Think about your color scheme, and don’t be afraid to add a few bright colors, pop of stripes, plaid or other simple patterns. 

Think about your location and how it relates to the clothing. Parks are great for sweaters, scarves and textures. Urban settings are perfect for a more modern look. Open fields at sunset are great for those flowing dresses on mom and lighter colors. 

Pay attention to the size of clothing. Put your kids in the clothing size they currently wear. It canlook awkward in photos if they’re swimming in their sweater or wearing something too small. 

One last thing: Be you! Choose something that looks like your family, and you’ll love looking back on these images for years to come.

We’re lucky to have so many wonderful children’s boutiques in New Orleans that curate delicate, fun and timeless threads such as the ones below at Peony on Magazine St. A quick shout-out to a few of my favorites: Pippen Lane, Little Miss Muffin, Banbury Cross, Peony and Mignon.

This picture will be on your wall for,  hopefully, generations. Don’t be afraid to shine!



-For Emily-

“I hope that you always laugh, learn, and dream. I hope you find passion, work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor. May you marry your best friend and have many laughs together. May you seek simplicity and remain humble. May you feel at peace and always have faith in God. Do many things for others and feel close to family and friends. Always move, dance, and explore your passions. And…I hope you become a mom, so you can experience the love I feel for you every day.” – Mom

Dreams for My Daughter is a special portrait session commissioned by mothers for their daughters. Inspired by their personality, these sessions are designed especially for each girl and celebrates who they are at this moment, their connection to their mom and who they will become. Each framed heirloom of these young women is accompanied by a letter  from Mom expressing their “Dreams for My Daughter.” Thank you to each mom for sharing their letter!

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter

Dreams for My Daughter




One of the first questions I ask a family is where would you like to take pictures? I want your session location to speak to who you are as a family, offer an ease to your experience, and allow me to capture a moment in time.

It’s a tall order.

That’s why I put a lot of thought into this year’s New Orleans Family Location Guide. Here are the top 15 locations for 2018 with a few new surprises. Some celebrate the iconic neighborhoods of this city, and others are breathtaking green spaces that allow your child to run free.

Finding the perfect spot that fits your brood can be tricky. I’m here to help you find the right place for your family. In the meantime, here is a little inspiration.

And as fabulous as this city is, my favorite place to photograph families is still #15. There is no place like home.

Contact me today to book your Fall Family Session!


1. Wild City Park. Tall grass, winding paths and big open fields perfect for those sunset pictures. This once well-groomed golf course is now mowed scarcely and offers a sense of the great outdoors nestled in the big city. The only catch: Bring bug spray. Check it out: Here
2. Bywater. Let’s just start with the Marigny Opera House; what a backdrop! Each street in this neighborhood is a mix of traditional New Orleans and urban cool. Walking a block or two can reveal a unique setting that appeals to the the inner artist in all of us. Take a look for yourself: HERE
3. West End Park. No less than four swings hang from Oak trees in this rarely used park nestled near the lakefront. Perfect for your wild child. And an easy location for chasing after little ones. The boats make for a nice background, too. This is a great place to let your kids chase dad. Take a look: HERE

4. Beauregard-Keyes House and Garden. The manicured side-garden of The Beauregard-Keyes home is truly a secret garden. It’s a great place to be part of the French Quarter without having to pose for pictures in the middle of a street teeming with tourists. Permit required. Preview this setting:HERE

 5. Old Spanish Fort. This historic location was formerly a fort (ruins still visible) and later an amusement park with restaurants, dance halls and rides. Today it’s a quiet, forgotten part of the city with large oak trees, a porch swing, and the levee where Bayou St. John meets Lake Pontchartrain. See some favorite moments: HERE
6. City Park. This 1,300-acre urban park is one of the oldest parks in the country. The beauty here speaks for itself. It’s got ancient, haunting oak trees, as well as vast green spaces and bucolic bodies of water. Permit required. Take a look: HERE
7. French Quarter.  The Vieux Carré is filled with culture and vibrant colors that are emblems of the architecture and historic core of New Orleans. Early morning sessions are best in the quieter residential side of the quarter. Look at the photographic possibilities: HERE


8. Streetcar. What an amazing city to grow up in, and nothing speaks to that experience more than a ride on a New Orleans streetcar. Mornings are best for a short ride for a few blocks on St. Charles Avenue or Canal Street. See more: HERE

9. The Tree of Life at Audubon Park. One of the largest Oaks in New Orleans, this tree is perfect for climbing. From this field opposite the giraffes in Audubon Zoo, you can sometimes spot pointy ears over the fence. During the fall, the mystical tree’s leaves turn and drop, adding to its beauty. Take a peek: HERE
10. Longue Vue House and Gardens.This is a beautiful historic estate located at the edge of Old Metairie. This house sits on 8 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens dotted with fountains and brimming with Louisiana plant life.  Permit required. Get a look: HERE
11. Lower Garden
District.This neighborhood is often overlooked for family photos. The unique architecture spreads across beautiful tree-lined streets that capture the spirit of New Orleans. Cornstalk fences, weathered walls and those Commander’s Palace awnings are just a few favorites. Take a visual tour: HERE
12. Crescent Park. This is a 20-acre urban park stretches along the Mississippi River in the Bywater neighborhood. It has breathtaking views of the city and plenty of safe spaces for kids to run around! The foliage-lined bike path is complimented by the clean, urban and modern landscape architecture. Take a look: HERE

13. Pitot House. Green shutters, wrap-around porch, butterfly garden and that fabulous wood fence. An original French Colonial house on the banks of Bayou St. John. It was home to one of the early New Orleans mayors. Permit required and limited hours. See for yourself: HERE
14. Bayou St. John.This ancient, natural body of water is the only bayou that flows through a fully developed New Orleans neighborhood. It defines the Faubourg St. John neighborhood around it and provides an oasis of serenity in the middle of the city. The green space and the distinctive houses provide a wonderful backdrop. See bayou photos: HERE
15. In your own home. No place is more unique to you than yourhome. Being able to photograph children in the house where they’re growing up is priceless. It offers a comfortable and intimate space for the entire family. Some of the greatest memories happen naturally within your home. See some examples: HERE
F a c e b o o k
S u b s c r i b e