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Take a quick peek back at your photos from the past year and tell me what you see. Most likely, there are tons of pictures of your kids on various adventures, probably a good number of them co-starring your partner, and less than a handful of you with them. If, like many moms, you are the unofficial family photographer — whether by choice or by default — it’s time to relinquish that title this year.

What’s your excuse? I know, I have them too: I look tired, I’m not my ideal size, I need to get my hair done,, and on and on..

But the truth of the matter is, we want — and need — to be in pictures with our kids because these are images our children will look back at in the future, and we want them to remember that Mom was there with them. From a moving first person essay by Allison Tate she says,  “When we take pictures with our children, we are asserting ourselves as important and valuable, and our children are watching us.” You are important and your family doesn’t need you to look perfect. You are perfect just as you are.

Mother’s Day is almost here!  And instead of trying to get your kids to sit still and smile, it’s your turn to jump in front of the camera with them. The most cherished family photos passed down are going to be the ones with you in it!

Take this moment to sign up for a truly memorable, candid and organic Mom & Me session. Two locations and dates are available this May. Sunday, May 5th at Longue Vue House and Gardens and Friday, May 10th at the Pitot House. This is by appointment only so grab your spot for either event below. There are only a few spots left!

Gift certificates are also available for future sessions (good for one year) and make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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