Garrett Triplets | 18 Months | New Orleans Baby Photography

For the Garrett triplet’s 18-month photo session, we had the opportunity to recreate the babies floating in a flamingo photo which was first attempted last summer when they were just 4-months-old. This year, the triplets were able to hold their own in the little flamingos, especially Georgie who was ready to jump into the pool unassisted if given the chance. You can check out the first flamingo pictures here. These girls just get more beautiful every time I see them, and with longer locks they can now sport a lovely side ponytail sure to make them baby trend setters. The big triplets were strong swimmers jumping in to beat the New Orleans heat during our summer family photo session. It’s hard to believe how quickly these girls are growing, its seem like yesterday I was photographing their newborn session. They are vibrant, funny, inquisitive, temperamental and audacious little beings on the verge of toddler-hood.

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