The Garrett Triplets | 12 Months | New Orleans Baby Photographer

It has been such an honor to watch the Garrett triplet girls grow this past year. Visiting with this extraordinary family each month to capture the latest in the three baby’s milestones has led to some of my favorite photographs. From swimming in pink flamingo floaties at 3-months, to the adorable Frida Kahlos costumes at 7-months, there have been so many precious moments. With the big kids Oliver, Jack and Ellie always close at hand, our monthly photo sessions have evolved with the stages of the girls. One of my favorites is their 12-month photo shoot complete with three pink cakes and balloons. The family’s wood floor quickly became a trail of pink frosting as these active babies crawled through and around the cakes on their way to a new adventure. It’s an awesome responsibility to capture a baby’s first year, let alone three of them. This family is an inspiration in finding joy in the everyday and letting love surround a home. Thank you Vivienne, Wells, Georgie, Jack, Oliver and Ellie for letting me be your family photographer.
























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