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As a mom, I feel tired and cranky more than I feel patient and caring. The days are a whirlwind of lost water bottles, field trip sign-up slips, last-minute homework, missing shoes and driving around. So much driving around.

Yet the years fly by. Another school year’s checked off. I’m scrambling for what to do this summer with two active kids. I miss my little girl but love the little lady she’s becoming. I miss my baby but marvel at the charming little boy he’s becoming. Through all the ups and downs, I watch my clients manage the same terrain with grace.

If I can give all the moms I’ve had the honor of photographing a Mother’s Day gift, it’s this: You are indeed the best mom I know!

You have comforted the sufferers of skinned knees, hugged the sibling injustices away and used bribes like a seasoned negotiator. In hopes of getting just one truly good photo of yourself with your kids, you’ve trusted me to find those sweet moments that you’ll cherish for years.

To top it off, you have coordinated outfits, rallied husbands, brought snacks and made it to your session on time, if not early. Custom photography can feel like a big undertaking. I know it’s stressful getting everyone ready and hoping your kids behave. One of the most important parts of my job is to relieve some of that stress, by letting your kids misbehave a little. It’s the moments in between the chaos that I’m studying. And that’s the beauty of photography—capturing the messiness of life as a perfect archive for your family. Because messy or not, you’ll never get those moments again.

To each of the moms who worked hard at your photo shoot, playing with your kids and keeping them engaged, I thank you. Your kids will never forget these childhood moments, which you curated for them. One of the best parts of my job is hearing afterward how much you love your photos.

Take a look at these gorgeous moms below. All of you are my inspiration as I, too, try to navigate the busy days of motherhood with humor and love. Your love for your kids is undeniable. I hope you look at the pictures of your kids through the years and remind yourself, “Yeah, I’m a pretty good mom!”

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