Best of Twirl Photography 2018 Families

Twirl Photography’s Look Back at the Best Moments of 2018

All we really have is each other. As I look back at my photography over 2018, that sentiment keeps coming back to me. The following moments of some of my favorite New Orleans families have an authentic human connection and emotion to them that speaks to the artistry of photography and why I do what I do. It’s my hope to capture honest and timeless images that will not only be a lasting memory to the families I photograph but a powerful reminder to all parents that the magic of childhood is fleeting and priceless.

This past year was filled with an anxiousness that’s hard to avoid. We’re all in a hurry. My goal for 2019 is to slow down and take time to enjoy my children while they are, well, children. As they quickly grow, I will know I’ve been there from the needy days all the way until they look back less and less to take my hand. I hope you, too, enjoy some of my favorite pictures of 2018 and feel some of the joy, security and love that each parent brings to their child’s world. I’ve been so deeply honored to witness growing families, first steps, sprouting teeth, grandparent visits, sibling rivalries, dad bear hugs and mom embraces for a whirlwind of a year. I’ve photographed families in bayous, cathedrals, carousels and the streets of the French Quarter. There have been rainy delays, sick kids, work conflicts and last minute scraped knees. Yet through it all, families showed up and were present for their kids, ready to chase and cuddle-with the outside world shut off for just a little while. Thank you to each family that trusted me to be their archivist. It’s my hope to photograph not what you look like as a family, but what it feels like to be part of your family. And even though there might have been a few tears and tantrums, I can tell your family is amazing! After all, all we really have is each other.

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