Millie & Coralie | 5th Birthday | New Orleans Storyland

I’ve been hoping to take a picture of sweet little girls sitting on the Cow & Moon statue for years, but it took Millie & Coralie turning 5 to finally make it happen. Their adorableness made the moment perfect on this iconic spot in Storyland where their mom and her sisters once went as little girls to play. Millie and Coralie had a charming 5th birthday at the castle at Storyland in New Orleans City Park complete with their signature pink balloons, Sucre birthday cake and little gift balls that when unravelled present treasure after treasure. All the cousins, grandparents, and friends were at hand for the twins to celebrate another year. And the icing on the cake was the hand-stiched dresses with vignettes of Storyland designed by their oh-so creative mom. Happy Birthday Millie & Coralie!

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