New Orleans Maternity Photography

With more than two decades of experience as a professional photographer, Jennifer Zdon sees the world with discerning eyes.

She spots the fleeting moments, passing expressions and telling details that show the gravity of any occasion and the spirit of the people she photographs. As an accomplished photojournalist, she finds the visual poetry and subtle beauty in any setting, often working with natural light and available scenery.

Jennifer combined those skills with her passion for vibrant images celebrating childhood, family life and love to create Twirl Photography, a modern lifestyle photography studio dedicated to producing inspired images for private clients. During the whirl of a wedding, a tender interlude in a newborn’s first days or a whimsical round of children playing, she makes sure the personalities of her subjects shine and that clients can enjoy cherished moments knowing a trained observer is there to capture them.

“When I’m photographing an event, life is twirling around me, and people are absorbed in their day. I delight in seizing the chance union of movement, light, people and places to create a lyrical image,” Jennifer said. “I feel successful if a client tells me they don’t even remember a particular moment. Then I know I’ve captured something genuine.”

During a 14-year career at The Times-Picayune newspaper, Jennifer photographed music legends in their waning days, Elvis impersonators, children tap dancing for tips in the French Quarter, debutantes traversing the social season, homeowners striving to recover from disaster and countless other subjects. Her photography has won several regional and national journalism honors. The newspaper nominated her for a Pulitzer Prize for one of her projects, and she was a member of a staff that received the Pulitzer for public service recognizing coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

Her work also appeared in the photography books “America 24/7,” “Louisiana 24/7” and “America at Home.” She self-published “New Orleans A to Z,” a children’s book using photography to introduce both the alphabet and one of America’s most distinctive cities. She co-published “Philadelphia A to Z,” applying the same approach to the nation’s original capital. She earned a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from San Francisco State University.

Jennifer lives in New Orleans with her husband, her daughter, son, and two turtles.

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